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Among today's growing single population, 63 percent have never been married, 23 percent are divorced, and 13 percent are widowed. 

There are 56.8 million unmarried women in the U.S. They account for 26 percent of the overall population.

Worldwide, 4.3 percent of women get to their late forties without ever marrying.

Gallup finds that about one in eight women aged 18 to 60 worldwide -- 13% -- are unmarried and have children younger than 15 in their household. However, this figure is sharply higher in a few regions, especially sub-Saharan Africa at 32% and Latin America at 24%.   


The Queen of 
"The Metamorphosis" and
"A Pretty Smile"


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The book is very challenging because you have to face yourself.  I was offended based on some of the reasons, but I had to ask myself why.  This book / journal is definitely an eye opener and leads to self evaluation and healing.  I couldn't read it all at once. 


Dominique, Philadelphia


We read Cheron's book and realized that we weren't dating for many reasons that included being too lazy to make up and dress up.   We also realized that we have a dream fantasy of idol drama, but disappointment in reality.


Ann, Bangkok

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Cheron K. Griffin is a Celebrity Life Coach serving Industry Leaders and Athletes in Personal Development and beyond.  Her passion is guiding people to live their authentic lives while living on purpose.  Griffin is the author of five books and a motivational speaker that transforms individuals and empower people to dream big and aim high.  Griffin leads a spirit lead life and lives unapologetically.  She lives in her freedom and is a voice to those who are afraid to talk.  Griffin is the CEO of Grow A Girl Network, Inc. and the creator of the I See You Suicide Prevention Campaign turned Movement.  To learn more about Cheron, visit  HERE.


When You Least Expect It, He Will Come!

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  1. Be intentional

  2. Set up specific goals and write them down. ...

  3. Take responsibility for your actions. ...

  4. Form winning habits. ...

  5. Don't be afraid to fail at love or anything in life. ...

  6. Be eager to learn from others and about others. ...

  7. Take risks. ...

  8. Stay focused. ...

  9. Date. ...

  10. Kiss some frogs to get to the Prince (not literally)

  11. Watch for Red Flags. ...

  12. Pray and Meditate

  13. Call Me for your consultation. ...

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